Sterling K. Brown Gives Sneak Peek of Exciting New TV Series with ‘This Is Us’ Creator Dan Fogelman

Sterling K. Brown

At the premiere of the movie “Biosphere,” actor Sterling K. Brown revealed exciting details about his upcoming television series, which he will be working on with Dan Fogelman, the creator of the hit show “This Is Us.”

According to reports, the new series will be a thrilling show, with Brown taking on the role of the head of security for a president. Brown’s exceptional performance as Randall on “This Is Us” earned him an Emmy award in 2017.

During the event, Brown emphasized that his character in the new series will be entirely different from Randall. The setting and background of the character will also be distinct. However, he noted that Dan Fogelman, known for infusing heartfelt moments into his work, will undoubtedly bring an emotional depth to the show.

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Brown also shared his experience of working with Jennifer Lopez on the sci-fi thriller “Atlas.” He mentioned that JLo was incredibly cool and filled with love, as she had recently tied the knot with actor Ben Affleck. In a lighthearted manner, Brown jokingly added that her husband was cool as well.

Turning the focus back to “Biosphere,” the film in which he was starring, Brown expressed his admiration for director Mel Eslyn’s meticulous approach. He explained that the movie revolves around the story of two lifelong friends, Billy (played by Mark Duplass) and Ray (played by Brown), who find themselves as the last two men on Earth. They must navigate the changing environment while attempting to save humanity. However, their domed shelter, designed by Ray, begins to fail, leaving them uncertain about their future.

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The secrecy surrounding “Biosphere” was intentional, as Duplass explained. The creators believed that revealing less about the film would enhance the audience’s experience. The production itself was a unique challenge, particularly due to the captivating biosphere set. Eslyn, who had primarily worked behind the scenes, took on the directorial role for the first time, bringing a fresh perspective to the project. The collaboration between the cast and crew was remarkable, resulting in a film that was driven by a shared passion for storytelling.

Brown praised Eslyn’s efficient management of the project, given the tight schedule. The team managed to shoot the 100-page script within a span of just 14 days, an impressive feat. Despite the fast-paced production, the spirit on set remained focused and filled with love for the story they were telling. Brown expressed his belief that they had achieved their intended goals with “Biosphere.”

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The film “Biosphere” was produced by Mel Eslyn, Shuli Harel, Maddie Buis, and Zackary Drucker, with Jay and Mark Duplass serving as executive producers. It is set to premiere on July 7, both in theaters and on video-on-demand platforms, offering audiences a captivating and thought-provoking experience.