Stranger Things: Sadie Sink’s Surprising Reaction to Seeing Vecna

Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink, known for her role as Max on the hit series “Stranger Things,” had an unexpected reaction when she encountered the character Vecna in real life. Vecna, portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, is a terrifying antagonist on the show, known for his monstrous appearance and haunting presence. However, when Sink first saw Bower in full costume as Vecna, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

In an interview with Vulture, Sink shared her experience of encountering Bower as Vecna for the first time. She explained that she had only met Bower once before during a table read for Season 4, and she was not prepared for what he would look like with the elaborate prosthetics.

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Sink was so taken aback by Bower’s convincing portrayal of Vecna that she momentarily forgot there was a human underneath the costume. When she saw him, laughter overcame her, and she couldn’t contain her amusement. Sink described it as “total laughter” and admitted that she had no idea what she was looking at.

Despite her initial laughter, Sink quickly learned to be fearful of Vecna as she delved into her character’s intense storyline. In Season 4, Vecna torments Max by haunting her with visions of her deceased brother and nearly succeeds in killing her.

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Sink explained that while she found Bower’s appearance funny at first, once filming began and she had to act in intense scenes with him, the laughter ceased. She experienced a mix of fear and fascination when facing Vecna, and her laughter was a result of those complex emotions.

Sink also shared the challenges of working with Bower’s prosthetics, particularly in scenes where she had to interact physically with Vecna. The prosthetics were delicate and slimy, making it difficult for her to pull anything away without risking damage. Despite the challenges, Sink embraced the intensity of her scenes and delivered a compelling performance opposite Bower.

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As “Stranger Things” moves into its fifth and final season, fans can expect the confrontation between Sink’s character and Vecna to continue. The show’s creators have promised an even more harrowing and suspenseful conclusion as Vecna’s final assault on Hawkins looms. Sink’s laughter upon first encountering Vecna may have been unexpected, but her portrayal of Max’s journey facing this terrifying antagonist is sure to captivate audiences until the very end.