Susan Sarandon Arrested at Albany Protest for Fair Restaurant Workers’ Pay.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon, the famous actress known for her role in “Thelma & Louise,” was arrested during a protest at the New York State Capitol in Albany. The 76-year-old star was advocating for an increase in the minimum wage for restaurant workers who rely on tips.

The protest was sparked by the announcement that New York state legislators planned to raise the minimum wage to $17 an hour. However, tipped restaurant workers were excluded from benefiting from this new law. Susan Sarandon, along with seven other activists supporting the One Fair Wage movement, was arrested during the protest.

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A video shared on Twitter captured the activists shouting “One fair wage!” repeatedly at the state Capitol concourse. They were attempting to unfurl a large pink banner when the police intervened, leading to their arrests on charges of disorderly conduct.

After being processed and issued appearance tickets, Susan Sarandon and the other protesters were released. Prior to her arrest, Sarandon spoke about the importance of treating restaurant workers with dignity due to the physical labor they perform and the skills required for successful business operations.

This is not the first time Susan Sarandon has taken part in protests. Just days before the restaurant worker wage protest, she joined the picket line in support of the Writers Guild of America strike in New York City. Holding a Writers Guild of America East placard, she marched outside Netflix’s headquarters.

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In the past, Sarandon has been arrested for her participation in demonstrations. In June 2018, she was taken into custody during the Women Disobey protests in Washington D.C. along with 575 other individuals protesting against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Susan Sarandon’s activism reflects her commitment to fighting for causes she believes in. Whether it is advocating for fair wages for restaurant workers or standing in solidarity with writers on strike, she continues to use her platform to bring attention to social issues.

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As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Sarandon’s actions serve as a reminder that celebrities can leverage their fame to promote social justice and support marginalized communities. By participating in protests and engaging in activism, she demonstrates her dedication to effecting meaningful change.

In conclusion, Susan Sarandon’s recent arrest during a protest in Albany highlights her ongoing activism and support for fair wages for restaurant workers. Her commitment to various causes exemplifies the power of using celebrity status to advocate for social justice.