Tanasha Donna addresses Risper Faith’s accusations in a mysterious social media message

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna has responded to accusations made by Risper Faith in a cryptic Instagram post. Risper accused Tanasha of conning a medical institution in town. In a recent radio interview, Risper revealed that she and Tanasha have had a strained relationship ever since Tanasha blocked her on all social media platforms.

Risper claimed that she introduced Tanasha to cosmetic surgeons and shared juicy details about the incident with blogger Edgar Obare a year ago. According to Risper, Tanasha underwent a Ksh 820,000 procedure at the medical institution but failed to fulfill her end of the deal. Risper’s frustration stemmed from the fact that Tanasha did not promote the institution on her social media or make the payment as agreed.

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During an interview with Mungai Eve, Risper provided an update on the matter. She mentioned that many people admire Tanasha, possibly because she gave birth to a child with popular musician Diamond. Risper explained that Tanasha had reached out to her through a direct message, expressing her readiness to pay for the surgery and seeking a connection to a reliable surgeon in Kenya.

Risper took the initiative to make the necessary arrangements and introduced Tanasha to Body By Design, the clinic where she had undergone a liposuction procedure. After a month of negotiations, an influencer agreement was reached. The agreement stipulated that Tanasha would receive complimentary surgery in exchange for promoting Body By Design. The procedure would involve removing fat from Tanasha’s inner thighs and stomach and transferring it to her buttocks.

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However, according to Risper, Tanasha failed to follow through with the agreement. On the day of the scheduled photoshoot and promotional posts, Tanasha did not show up. Despite numerous attempts to contact her over the course of two months, Tanasha remained unresponsive. This left the clinic with no choice but to request payment for the services rendered.

Risper expressed her disappointment, as the situation reflected poorly on her. She had been the one to introduce Tanasha to the clinic, and she had vouched for Tanasha’s commitment to fulfilling the agreement. The owner of the clinic was displeased with Tanasha’s failure to deliver on her promises, which affected Risper’s reputation. Risper clarified that she was not to blame for the situation and emphasized that Tanasha had not upheld her end of the deal.

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The response from Tanasha came in the form of a cryptic Instagram post, where she wrote, “All my life they tryna keep me down but God don’t play about me.” It can be inferred that the post was directed towards Risper’s accusations.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how both parties will resolve their differences and address the allegations made.