Taylor Swift’s ‘Last Kiss’ Performance Shows Third Time is a Charm

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift surprised her fans during her recent concert in Kansas City, Missouri, by performing an acoustic rendition of her song “Last Kiss.” The performance took place on July 8th, the second consecutive night of her Eras tour at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. The song choice was particularly fitting as Swift had just released “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” album on Friday, and “Last Kiss” is a breakup song from the original 2010 album.

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Swift’s performance of the track indicated that she hadn’t sung it in a long time, leading to forgotten lyrics and multiple restarts. Acknowledging her error, she exclaimed, “Oh my God!” and shared that on this tour, she has a rule to replay a song if she messes it up. Seeking another opportunity, she humbly asked the audience, “Can I have the honor of starting over?” She then proceeded to give the song another rendition.

While Swift nailed the first three lines, she playfully questioned herself, creating a lighthearted moment. “Oh my God… No. Those are the right lyrics,” she remarked, reciting the lyrics out loud. Laughing along with the audience, she promised not to mess up again and expressed her love for the song. Finally, on the third try, Swift flawlessly delivered the performance, much to the delight of the fans, as captured in fan footage from the concert.

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In addition to “Last Kiss,” Swift also treated the Kansas City audience to the live debut of her song “Dorothea” on Saturday night. The surprises didn’t end there, as she premiered the music video for “I Can See You,” a previously unreleased track from her album “Speak Now.” Directed and written by Swift herself, the video featured appearances by Taylor Lautner, Joey King, and Presley Cash. These three joined Swift on stage to debut the video, creating an exciting moment for the fans.

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Overall, Taylor Swift’s performances in Kansas City showcased her talent and her ability to connect with her audience. Despite the initial hiccups during “Last Kiss,” Swift’s determination and humor shone through as she successfully delivered the song. The live debut of “Dorothea” and the premiere of the “I Can See You” music video added to the excitement of the concerts, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what Swift has in store for future performances.