Taylor Swift’s Music Video Unexpectedly Invites Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner, best known for his role in the “Twilight” series, recently revealed that he was “surprised” when his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, asked him to appear in her latest music video. The actor shared this surprising news on his podcast, “The Squeeze,” which he co-hosts with his wife, Tay.

In the podcast episode, Taylor Lautner opened up about his reaction to being asked by Taylor Swift to be a part of her music video for the song “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version).” He expressed that he felt honored and surprised by the invitation. The 31-year-old actor spoke highly of Swift’s talent and stated that everything she does turns to gold. He knew from the moment she asked him that he would gladly be a part of the project, as he believed it would be something special.

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The music video in question, “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version),” is a five-minute-long action-packed video that also features actors Joey King and Presley Cash. The video showcases Swift’s creativity and artistic vision, and Lautner’s participation added to the excitement for fans.

Despite the history between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, the actor shared that he wasn’t worried about introducing his now-wife, Tay, to his famous ex-girlfriend. He described his wife as the “coolest, chillest person ever,” while he praised Swift as the “sweetest human being on Earth.” Their confidence in their relationship and the amicable nature of their past allowed them to navigate the situation with ease.

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The two Taylors, as they are affectionately referred to, had a brief romance back in 2009. Their relationship, while short-lived, garnered significant media attention at the time. Taylor Swift’s 2010 hit “Back to December” is widely believed to be about her relationship with Taylor Lautner.

Fans of both stars were delighted to see them come together again for the music video. Their on-screen chemistry was apparent, and the video received positive feedback from audiences.

The revelation of Taylor Lautner’s surprise and honor upon receiving the invitation to the music video shed light on the amicable relationship between the two Taylors. It showcased their mutual respect and support for each other’s careers and artistic endeavors.

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As the podcast episode concluded, listeners gained insight into the camaraderie between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, reinforcing the notion that relationships can evolve and remain positive even after a breakup. Their story serves as a reminder that friendships can endure, even when romantic relationships have run their course.

Overall, the podcast episode provided fans with a heartwarming and uplifting glimpse into the lives of two talented individuals who continue to support each other’s journeys in the entertainment industry.