Teresa Giudice Criticizes Sofia Vergara for Not Taking a Photo Together, Calls Her ‘Rudest Woman’

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice, a star from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” recently opened up about her encounter with actress Sofia Vergara and labeled her as the “rudest woman.” Giudice shared the incident on her podcast, “Namaste B$tches,” where she recounted meeting Vergara at an event back in 2017. Both celebrities were being interviewed by Mario Lopez at the occasion. According to Giudice, their respective PR representatives suggested that they take a photo together.

Giudice revealed that she was not someone who usually asked for pictures with other celebrities and didn’t particularly care to take one with Vergara. She mentioned that the PR people from both teams agreed on the idea of a joint photo, but she felt uneasy about it. When they went to take the picture, Vergara reportedly stood in front of Giudice, and the reality star found her behavior rude and unbecoming.

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The situation escalated when Giudice overheard Vergara saying to her PR person, “Why you making me take a picture with that lady?” Giudice was surprised and spoke to Vergara, clarifying that she never wanted the photo in the first place. Giudice expressed her displeasure and said that she would never ask to take a picture with her. Due to the tension, the picture-taking plan fell through, and the two never posed together.

During the podcast episode, Giudice didn’t hold back her criticism of Vergara. She imitated Vergara’s Colombian accent while discussing the incident and called her “the most rudest woman” she had ever met. She accused Vergara of forgetting where she came from and lacking humility, despite her fame and success. Giudice emphasized that she was not a fan of Vergara and didn’t appreciate her behavior.

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Interestingly, this incident came to light amid news of Sofia Vergara’s divorce from her husband, actor Joe Manganiello. The couple issued a joint statement announcing their decision to part ways and requested privacy during this challenging time. According to sources, the split was amicable, and both celebrities are focusing on their careers and personal lives.

Teresa Giudice’s revelation about her past encounter with Sofia Vergara has garnered attention and sparked discussions among fans and media outlets. While some have shown support for Giudice’s candidness, others have questioned the timing of her revelation, considering the ongoing divorce proceedings of the Modern Family actress.

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In the entertainment industry, interactions between celebrities are always under scrutiny, and incidents like these often become the talk of the town. For now, it remains to be seen how Sofia Vergara will respond to Giudice’s comments, and whether this episode will have any impact on their public images or future interactions within the entertainment industry.