The Idol: Episode 4’s 9 Biggest Surprises

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In the latest episode of HBO’s “The Idol,” things took a dramatic turn as the complex relationship between pop star Jocelyn and nightclub owner Tedros became even more twisted. With only two episodes remaining in the season, viewers were in for some shocking moments.

The episode, titled “Stars Belong to the World,” picked up from the previous episode’s revelation of Jocelyn’s abusive past. She shared with her friends the horrifying experiences she had endured at the hands of her mother. Tedros, ever the manipulator, convinced Jocelyn that confronting her trauma head-on would make her stronger. He urged her to retrieve the hairbrush her mother used to punish her, using it as a symbolic tool to work through her pain.

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As the story progressed, Jocelyn’s autonomy continued to dwindle as Tedros exerted more control over her life. Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s backup dancer and friend, Dyanne, began to take on a more prominent role in the narrative.

Here are the key moments that left viewers shocked:

Destiny Uncovers Tedros’ Dark Past: Destiny discovered Tedros’ real identity and his disturbing criminal record, which included charges of kidnapping and torturing his ex-girlfriend. She confronted Chaim, Jocelyn’s other manager, with this information.

Destiny’s Extreme Proposition: In response to Tedros’ past actions, Destiny suggested a drastic solution – killing him. Chaim rejected the idea, and they instead devised a plan for Destiny to closely observe Tedros and gather information.

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Cracks in Tedros’ Story: Destiny’s suspicions were further aroused when she spoke with Chloe, another member of Tedros’ crew. Chloe revealed that Tedros had saved her from a troubled life, but there were inconsistencies in her story regarding her age.

Tedros’ Disturbing Act: During a recording session, Tedros blindfolded Jocelyn and engaged in intimate acts with her in front of their friends and producers, pushing the boundaries of discomfort and exploitation.

Dyanne’s Opportunity: After showcasing her talent in a music video, Dyanne was offered a chance to shine as a solo artist. She was given the opportunity to record a song originally intended for Jocelyn, which presented an enticing path to stardom.

Tedros’ Shocking Display of Power: Tedros subjected Xander, another member of the group, to humiliation and abuse using a shock collar. This demonstrated Tedros’ sadistic tendencies and control over those around him.

Jocelyn’s Public Revelation: Influenced by Tedros, Jocelyn decided to share her traumatic experiences with the world via an Instagram live video. She aimed to overcome her past and present herself as a new person, free from the burdens of her history.

Dyanne’s Secrets Unveiled: At a party, Dyanne engaged in a mysterious conversation with Tedros, revealing their prior connection. Chloe later disclosed that Tedros had orchestrated Jocelyn’s introduction to the club through Dyanne.

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Jocelyn’s Betrayal: Jocelyn, shocked by the revelations, granted Dyanne permission to take over the song “World Class Sinner,” which was originally intended for her. This decision showcased Jocelyn’s growing detachment from her previous ambitions.

The episode concluded with Jocelyn reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend, Rob, and leaving Tedros waiting by the door. This presented an opportunity for Tedros to sabotage their relationship and potentially exploit compromising photos.

“The Idol” continues to captivate viewers with its complex characters and shocking twists. As the season nears its end, fans eagerly await the final episodes to see how the story unfolds. Tune in to HBO and Max to catch the remaining episodes of “The Idol” on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.