“The Mandalorian” Producer Dave Filoni Initially Thought Baby Yoda Was a Bad Idea

Dave Filoni

Grogu, popularly known as Baby Yoda, captured the hearts of Star Wars fans in “The Mandalorian” series. However, it turns out that the idea of introducing this beloved character was initially met with resistance from producer Dave Filoni. In the latest episode of Disney Gallery – Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Filoni admits his skepticism when Jon Favreau proposed the idea. Despite Filoni’s concerns, he eventually agreed, recognizing the importance of getting it right, especially considering Yoda’s significance to George Lucas.

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Filoni explains that the creation of Baby Yoda aimed to offer something new to the audience. Although he initially doubted the concept, he entrusted Favreau’s expertise as a filmmaker. This decision paid off, as Grogu quickly became a sensation.

Interestingly, there were discussions about using CGI for Grogu instead of a puppet. Given Favreau’s experience with live-action adaptations like “The Lion King” and “The Jungle Book,” Filoni expected a similar approach. However, German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who also acted in “The Mandalorian,” convinced Filoni to believe in the power of the puppet.

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The different perspectives during the character’s development highlight the collaborative effort that successfully brought Baby Yoda to life. It’s no wonder the character became an internet phenomenon, thanks to the dedication of the show’s producers.

Fans of “The Mandalorian” were thrilled with the heartwarming conclusion of Season 2, which saw Grogu officially becoming a Mandalorian apprentice. This storyline reignited speculation about whether Grogu would receive a Mandalorian helmet and what it might look like.

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For those interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes process, the first episode of Disney Gallery – Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 is now available for streaming on Disney Plus.