The Rock’s Claim of a Secret Fling with Lana: Unraveling the Truth behind WWE Legend’s Statement

The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a legendary WWE figure, made headlines when he claimed to have had a secret romantic relationship with Lana, who was the on-screen manager of former WWE star Rusev (now known as Miro in AEW). However, it has been revealed that this claim was completely fabricated and made with the intention of getting back at Rusev. The incident occurred on October 6, 2014, when The Rock made a return to RAW in New York and confronted Miro and Lana.

The confrontation quickly escalated, with The Rock physically engaging with Miro during the confrontation. Two years later, backstage, The Rock jokingly mentioned having a romantic encounter with Lana at a hotel. In a recent interview on talkSPORT, Miro shared his thoughts on the matter, suggesting that The Rock concocted the story of an affair as a means of seeking revenge for their previous encounter in New York.

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According to Miro, their first encounter in Brooklyn left a sour taste in The Rock’s mouth. Although The Rock got the better of him physically, Miro believes that The Rock may have felt a bit sour about the situation, leading him to come back and speak negatively about Lana, creating imaginary scenarios.

It is important to note that Lana and Miro are actually married in real life. Both Lana and Miro were released from WWE during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Miro has joined AEW and has become one of the top stars in the promotion.

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In a separate development, rising WWE star Grayson Waller extended an invitation to The Rock to make a return to SmackDown and be a part of the Grayson Waller Effect talk show. This invitation came after Waller mocked The Rock’s original debut and playfully criticized his outfit. The Rock responded in his usual humorous manner, blaming Triple H for the outfit choice. In response, Waller invited The Rock to be a guest on his talk show in a future episode of SmackDown.

Waller seems eager to make his mark by interacting with WWE legends. He has recently confronted other WWE stars, including John Cena at Money in the Bank and Edge on SmackDown. It appears that Waller is determined to establish himself by engaging with well-known figures in the WWE world.

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In conclusion, The Rock’s claim about a secret fling with Lana was revealed to be false and made as an act of retaliation. Lana and Miro are happily married in real life, and Miro has moved on to AEW where he has achieved great success. Meanwhile, Grayson Waller is actively seeking opportunities to engage with WWE legends and make a name for himself in the industry.