The Single’s Inferno Season 2 Cast: Ranking Based on Instagram Followers

Single's Inferno Season 2

The popular reality dating show, Single’s Inferno, is back for season 2 with a diverse cast of 12 singles looking for love. After the show, some cast members gained a significant boost in Instagram followers.

Here’s a rundown of the cast members and their Instagram followers:

Kim Jin-young – 1 million followers: Kim, a YouTuber and former soldier, shares various posts, including pictures and videos of his favorite activities.

Lee Nadine – 1.5 million followers: The neuroscience major at Harvard University has the highest number of followers. Her posts feature pictures of herself and group shots from her time at Harvard.

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Choi Seo-eun – 972,000 followers: As an artist, Choi shares over 100 posts on Instagram, showcasing her favorite places and skincare products.

Shin Seul-ki – 957,000 followers: Shin, a piano major, shares aesthetically pleasing photos, including selfies, traditional paintings, and small drawings.

Choi Jong-woo – 669,000 followers: An actor and model, Choi’s Instagram activity increased after appearing on the show, although he doesn’t have many posts.

Lee So-e – 630,000 followers: Lee, an acting major, has a limited number of posts on her account, including group shots and solo pictures.

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Park Se-jeong – 609,000 followers: Park is more active on Instagram, with over 100 posts. Her pictures mainly consist of solo images, including selfies and full-body shots.

Kim Han-bin – 508,000 followers: Kim, a chef in the culinary industry, shares pictures of himself engaging in various activities, such as surfing.

Jo Yoong-jae – 470,000 followers: Jo, working in the security business, posts pictures of himself in different locations, including scenic nature spots.

Shin Dong-woo – 241,000 followers: A plastic surgeon and occasional model, Shin shares professional-looking photos of himself and his daily life.

Lim Min-su – 134,000 followers: Lim gained popularity after competing in the 2020 Miss Korea competition. Her posts showcase her activities and modeling work.

Kim Se-jun – 132 followers: Although Kim’s Instagram account is private, he previously had over 100,000 followers but now values privacy.

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Each cast member brings their own unique background and social media following to the show. While some have amassed a significant number of followers, others have a smaller following.

Overall, the Single’s Inferno season 2 cast members have utilized Instagram to engage with their fans and share glimpses of their lives beyond the show.