“The View” supports Jason Aldean against censorship of “Try That in a Small Town”

Jason Aldean

During a recent episode of “The View,” co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin took a stand in defense of country singer Jason Aldean amidst controversy surrounding his song and music video for “Try That in a Small Town.” The video was removed from Country Music Television (CMT) due to backlash over perceived racist undertones.

Joy Behar expressed her concern about the song’s divisive message, which seems to pit big city people against those from small towns. She found the song deplorable and irritating, particularly the lyrics that mention having a gun and the idea that certain behaviors might be more acceptable in the city. Despite her negative views on the song’s content, Behar defended Aldean’s right to produce the video.

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On the other hand, Sunny Hostin, a lawyer by profession, expressed her belief in the importance of free speech and the avoidance of censorship. She disagreed with the removal of the video, asserting that censorship should be limited. However, Hostin did not give Aldean the benefit of the doubt, suggesting that he must have been aware of the racist imagery and its implications. As someone from the South, she emphasized that places like Macon, Georgia, where Aldean is from, have a history of racial tension.

The controversy surrounding “Try That in a Small Town” stems from the song’s lyrics and the imagery used in the music video. Critics argue that the lyrics perpetuate a divisive narrative, and the inclusion of certain symbols and visuals in the video has been interpreted as racially insensitive. The decision by CMT to remove the video from their network reflects the growing scrutiny of media content for potential harmful messages or stereotypes.

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Despite the criticisms and backlash, Aldean’s defenders on “The View” upheld the principle of free expression. They argued that while the song’s content might be objectionable to some, it is essential to protect an artist’s right to create and express their views, even if they are controversial or uncomfortable to certain audiences.

The discussion on “The View” highlights the ongoing debates surrounding artistic freedom, censorship, and the responsibility of artists to consider the potential impact of their work on society. It also raises questions about how media companies navigate these complex issues and make decisions about what content to air or remove from their platforms.

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Ultimately, the controversy surrounding “Try That in a Small Town” serves as a reminder of the power of music and visual storytelling to shape perceptions, evoke emotions, and influence societal conversations. It also underscores the importance of engaging in thoughtful and constructive dialogues about the messages conveyed through artistic expression.