The Weeknd now using his real name on social media, makes a change

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye, the Canadian pop star widely known as The Weeknd, has sparked speculation about the future of his stage name. In a recent interview with W Magazine, Tesfaye hinted that his upcoming album might be his final project under the moniker of The Weeknd. This news has left fans wondering if this marks the end of an era for the popular artist.

In the interview, Tesfaye expressed his desire to “kill The Weeknd,” signaling a potential departure from his well-established stage persona. He stated, “The album I’m working on now is probably my last hurrah as The Weeknd… This is something that I have to do. As The Weeknd, I’ve said everything I can say.”

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This statement has ignited a flurry of reactions from fans on social media. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the potential name change. Some fans expressed their emotional attachment to The Weeknd, while others expressed curiosity and excitement about what the future holds for Abel Tesfaye.

Comparisons were drawn between Tesfaye’s decision and Miley Cyrus’ transition from her Hannah Montana alter ego to her true self. One user even posted a gif of Cyrus swiftly transforming into Hannah Montana, illustrating the parallel between the two transformations.

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However, this shift away from The Weeknd is not entirely unexpected. Last year in April, Tesfaye raised eyebrows when he tweeted, “ABEL formally known as The Weeknd?” This tweet hinted at the possibility of a name change, suggesting that Tesfaye had been contemplating this move for some time.

The change has already begun to manifest on social media platforms. While Tesfaye’s official social media handles still bear The Weeknd’s name, his display name on Instagram and Twitter now appears as Abel Tesfaye. This subtle alteration has caught the attention of fans, fueling speculation about the artist’s future endeavors.

It is worth noting that on Facebook, Tesfaye’s profile still retains The Weeknd as his listed name. This discrepancy between platforms adds to the intrigue surrounding the potential name change and leaves fans eagerly awaiting further updates or official announcements from the artist.

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As fans grapple with the possibility of bidding farewell to The Weeknd, anticipation grows for Tesfaye’s next album and the artistic direction he will explore under his given name. While this transition marks the end of an era for The Weeknd, it also opens up new possibilities for Tesfaye to delve into uncharted creative territories.

For now, fans will continue to speculate and await further developments. The Weeknd’s impact on the music industry cannot be denied, and it remains to be seen how Abel Tesfaye will redefine his artistic identity moving forward.