The Weeknd reveals why he wants to use his birth name instead

The Weeknd

Canadian singer and songwriter, The Weeknd, has revealed that he is considering a name change. Born Abel Tesfaye, the 33-year-old artist expressed his desire to close the chapter of The Weeknd and possibly go by his birth name in the future. In an interview with W magazine published on May 8, he shared his intention to embark on a cathartic journey and shed his former persona.

Although he plans to continue making music, he expressed a strong desire to “kill” The Weeknd and be reborn as Abel. This decision came to him while working on his new show called “The Idol,” in which he co-created and stars. Set to premiere on HBO on June 4, the drama series features Lily-Rose Depp as a character named Jocelyn, a pop star.

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During the filming of a scene at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, The Weeknd struggled with transitioning between his real self and the character he portrayed, named Tedros. Tedros is described as a self-help guru and the leader of a modern-day cult in the series. The singer found it challenging to switch from being The Weeknd to embodying Tedros, even requiring him to change wigs for different scenes.

The experience reached its peak when he lost his voice after shooting the scene during an actual Weeknd concert. The singer reflected on the incident, theorizing that he forgot how to sing because he had been immersed in portraying a character who lacks singing abilities. The situation was unprecedented for him and he admitted to feeling terrified by it.

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This introspective moment led The Weeknd to reevaluate his artistic identity and the toll it takes on him. He confessed that during a concert in Los Angeles, he had to cancel the second show of a two-night run due to losing his voice. This was a rare occurrence for the dedicated performer who has previously sung through illness and never missed a concert.

While he may be looking too deeply into the connection between his character and his voice loss, it prompted him to reflect on the complexity of his mindset during that time. The Weeknd acknowledged that something profound was happening within him, leading him to question and explore the intricate relationship between his artistry and his mental state.

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As he embarks on this cathartic path, The Weeknd aims to leave behind the persona that brought him immense success and embrace his true self as Abel Tesfaye. Whether he ultimately decides to fully transition to his birth name or maintain a connection to The Weeknd in his music, his journey toward self-discovery and transformation continues.

In conclusion, The Weeknd’s contemplation of a name change represents a significant shift in his artistic journey. Through his upcoming series “The Idol” and his introspective experiences, he seeks to evolve as an artist and explore his true identity beyond the persona that has defined him for years. Fans and the industry eagerly await his next steps as he embraces a new chapter in his career.