Tiger Woods’ Former Partner Erica Herman Withdraws $30M Lawsuit After Breakup

Tiger Woods

Erica Herman, the former girlfriend of Tiger Woods, has decided to drop her $30 million lawsuit against him following their breakup. Court documents obtained by The NY Post on July 18, 2023, confirm that Erica has dismissed the case. However, her attempt to nullify the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Tiger is still pending.

In earlier reports, it was revealed that Erica claimed Tiger owed her $30 million for allegedly locking her out of his home during their October 2022 breakup. However, the recent development shows that she no longer intends to pursue the lawsuit.

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According to the filing, Erica’s response was prompted by the breakup, leading her to file the lawsuit against Tiger. She claimed that the trust’s employees had locked her out of the residence, removed her belongings, and informed her that she couldn’t return. Erica also alleged that more than $40,000 in cash had been misappropriated. The lawyers representing Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, Tiger’s trust, argued that Erica was only permitted to live in the residence during their relationship. It is worth noting that Tiger’s two teenage children from his previous marriage also reside in the same home.

Alongside dropping the lawsuit, Erica recently sought to nullify the NDA she had with Tiger. Citing two federal laws—the Speak Out Act and Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021—she aimed to cancel the agreement. These laws provide provisions for canceling NDAs in cases of sexual harassment or assault. Erica’s move to nullify the NDA suggests a potentially contentious split between the couple.

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Tiger Woods and Erica Herman had been dating since 2017. Erica, a former restaurant manager, previously managed one of Tiger’s restaurants. Their relationship lasted for five years before their breakup, which led to the legal disputes. While Erica has dropped the $30 million lawsuit, the status of the NDA remains uncertain as it awaits further legal proceedings.

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The recent developments signify the conclusion of a tumultuous chapter in the relationship between Tiger Woods and Erica Herman, highlighting the complexities and legal issues that can arise when high-profile couples separate.