Tom Holland Reveals ‘The Crowded Room’ Completely Shattered Him Emotionally

Tom Holland

Tom Holland opens up about his challenging experience on “The Crowded Room”

During the premiere of the AppleTV+ series, Tom Holland revealed how the show pushed him to his limits as both an executive producer and lead actor. Holland expressed that the project completely broke him emotionally, but he remained dedicated and gave it his all.

His fellow executive producer, Alexandra Milchan, commended Holland for his commitment and involvement in various aspects of the production. Despite juggling his responsibilities, he ensured his presence in nearly every scene and contributed to the script, set design, and production decisions.

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In “The Crowded Room,” Holland portrays Danny Sullivan, a man arrested for his involvement in a 1979 shooting in New York City. The series unfolds Danny’s life story through interviews with Rya Goodwin, played by Amanda Seyfried, revealing the mysteries of his past shaped by dissociative identity disorder.

Holland was drawn to the role due to the complexity and misunderstood nature of the character. Although the show is fictional, extensive research was conducted to ensure an authentic and sensitive portrayal of the story. Psychologists were also present on set to support the cast and crew and ensure they approached the subject matter appropriately.

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Seyfried, who plays a character based on the show’s writer and executive producer’s mother, appreciates her character’s unapologetic nature in “The Crowded Room.” As a professor in the 1970s, Rya refuses to be silenced or undermined by men, and Seyfried hopes to embody her confidence in her own life.

She also relates to the character’s struggle to balance her work passion with the guilt of not being fully present at home. Seyfried found playing the role to be a gift, appreciating Rya’s compassion, sensitivity, and ability to formulate thought-provoking questions.

Emmy Rossum, portraying Candy, Danny’s mother, echoes Holland’s sentiments about the demanding nature of the roles in the show. She emphasizes the importance of having scene partners who fearlessly delve into challenging and vulnerable moments, creating a supportive environment.

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“The Crowded Room” will premiere its first three episodes on Apple TV+ on June 9, followed by weekly releases until the finale on July 28. The series promises to take audiences on an emotional and intense journey through the complexities of its characters’ lives.