Tom Sandoval criticized for making fun of Ariana Madix with inappropriate comments about their intimate life

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval, a star of the reality show Vanderpump Rules, is facing backlash on social media for his remarks about his affair with Raquel Leviss and his treatment of his girlfriend Ariana Madix.

During the reunion episode on Bravo, Sandoval’s co-stars questioned him about whether he had cheated with anyone else during the affair. Host Andy Cohen specifically asked if he had slept with anyone else since he started sleeping with Raquel.

Sandoval denied it, but then Ariana interjected and revealed that he had actually slept with her after he began his affair with Raquel. In response, Sandoval made a sarcastic comment, saying, “Yeah, she kept her t-shirt on. It was really hot.”

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The rest of the cast was shocked by his comment, with Lala Kent calling him derogatory names and James Kennedy expressing his disgust. Fans watching the episode were equally unimpressed, and Twitter erupted with criticism and outrage directed at Sandoval.

Many viewers found his comment disrespectful and misogynistic, particularly because Ariana has been open about her insecurities and body image issues. People on Twitter shared clips of people screaming and hurling insults to express their anger towards Sandoval’s remark.

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Some tweets highlighted the insensitivity of Sandoval’s words and condemned him for publicly shaming Ariana. They emphasized that his comment was an insult and an attack on her personal choices during intimacy.

Even before the episode aired, Andy Cohen had predicted that Sandoval’s comment would upset women across America. The intense public reaction on social media confirmed Cohen’s prediction and further fueled the controversy surrounding the reunion.

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Overall, Sandoval’s remarks about Ariana’s sex life have generated significant backlash. The public and the cast members have expressed their disappointment and anger towards his disrespectful behavior. Social media platforms have become a space for viewers to voice their frustration and condemn Sandoval’s misogynistic comments.