Watch the trailer for ‘Challengers’: A Tennis Movie with Zendaya Caught in a Steamy Love Triangle


Zendaya’s upcoming movie “Challengers” has released its trailer on Instagram, receiving millions of likes.

The film features Zendaya as Tashi Duncan, a talented tennis player who becomes the center of a complicated love triangle with two of her fellow players and best friends. The trailer shows glimpses of their teenage relationship, followed by a flash-forward to Duncan being married to one friend while still harboring feelings for the other, despite her injury.

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“Challengers” stars Mike Faist from “Dear Evan Hansen” and Josh O’Connor from “The Crown,” with direction by Luca Guadagnino, known for “Call Me By Your Name.”

Here’s what we know about “Challengers.”

Where can I watch the trailer for ‘Challengers’?
The trailer for “Challengers” can be viewed on Instagram.

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What is Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’ movie about?
The movie follows Zendaya’s character, Tashi Duncan, as she orchestrates a complicated reunion between her husband Art (played by Mike Faist) and her former flame Patrick (played by Josh O’Connor). Art reluctantly joins the “Challengers” tennis tournament at Duncan’s insistence, only to find himself competing against his old rival and best friend, Patrick.

According to the official trailer description by Warner Bros., Duncan is portrayed as a “former tennis prodigy who has now become a coach and a strong-willed individual, unapologetic for her skills both on and off the court.”

When does ‘Challengers’ hit theaters?
“Challengers” is set to be released in theaters on September 15.

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Zendaya’s tennis skills in ‘Challengers’ are real
Director Luca Guadagnino revealed that Zendaya’s tennis skills in the movie are authentic. She underwent three months of training with former professional tennis player Brad Gilbert, who also served as a consultant for the film. Guadagnino praised Zendaya’s talent and mentioned that they rarely used a body double for her tennis scenes because she was so skilled.

Zendaya’s recent success
Zendaya won her second Emmy Award for her outstanding performance in “Euphoria.” She will also be starring in the third season of “Euphoria” and reprising her role in the highly anticipated “Dune” sequel, scheduled for release in November.