What ‘Never Have I Ever’ Has Always Been About

Never Have I Ever

The final season of “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix reveals that the show is not solely about Devi Vishwakumar’s romantic relationships. While the love triangle between Devi, Ben, and Paxton takes center stage, the series delves deeper into Devi’s journey of dealing with her father’s death and how it shapes her. From the beginning, Devi’s prayers reflect her desire for a normal teenage life, including having a boyfriend. Devi becomes obsessed with Paxton as a distraction from her grief and an escape from the pain of losing her father.

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As a viewer who has experienced similar grief, I relate to Devi’s longing for Paxton, which represents a connection to a world that feels different and uncertain without her father. However, as the series progresses, Devi’s focus shifts, and she realizes that having just any boyfriend won’t bring her happiness or change who she is. Devi goes through different phases of grief, navigating her relationship with both Paxton and Ben, seeking normalcy and companionship amidst her pain.

In the fourth season, the love triangle dynamics change, and Devi’s interest in Paxton fades while her connection with Ben grows stronger. Devi’s grief evolves, and she learns to accept her father’s absence and cope with the challenges that come with it. The series explores Devi’s pursuit of her dreams, particularly getting into Princeton, as the main conflict in the final season. Devi’s growth and self-confidence enable her to consider a relationship with Ben, but the show emphasizes that the focus is not on the romantic outcome but on Devi’s journey of grief and self-discovery.

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The finale showcases a poignant moment where Devi confronts her father’s absence and seeks support from her mother. Together, they pack Devi’s suitcase, symbolizing the Vishwakumar women finding strength in each other. Devi learns to appreciate her mother’s support and acknowledges the incredible people who care about her. While Devi and Ben’s relationship is significant, it is not essential for her growth and happiness. The show highlights that Devi will be okay regardless of her romantic choices because she has learned to overcome obstacles through the loss of her father.

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Ultimately, the final season of “Never Have I Ever” is about Devi’s personal growth and her future. She chooses to go to Princeton, symbolizing her determination to move forward and embrace the opportunities life offers. The show reminds viewers that it is Devi’s resilience, her ability to learn from her mistakes, and her strong support system that truly matter, rather than which boy she ends up with. Devi’s story is about her journey of healing, self-discovery, and navigating life after loss.