Who does Marco end up with in Glamorous? Does he choose Parker or Ben? (spoilers)


The new series Glamorous has brought a touch of glamour to Netflix. If you enjoy shows like Emily in Paris, The Bold Type, and Younger, then you’ll definitely be captivated by this comedy-drama series set in the beauty industry, starring Miss Benny and Kim Cattrall.

In Glamorous, Marco Mejia (played by Miss Benny) starts working for renowned makeup mogul Madolyn Addison (played by Kim Cattrall), immersing himself in a high-powered corporate world. Alongside his new job, Marco finds himself caught in a complicated love triangle.

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Who does Marco choose in the end? Does he end up with Parker, the self-proclaimed finance bro played by Graham Parkhurst, or does he choose his sweet co-worker Ben, portrayed by Michael Hsu Rosen? Let’s find out what happens to Marco’s love life in the first season finale of Glamorous.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the season finale

So, who does Marco end up with? From the moment Marco meets Ben on his first day at Madolyn Addison’s office, Ben develops an instant crush on his new colleague. However, when Marco encounters Parker in a locker room and they share some flirty moments (including an accidental towel slip!), there are undeniable sparks. Initially, Marco chooses to pursue a relationship with Parker, but he soon realizes that it’s not as easy as he thought.

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Parker wants a casual, physical relationship with Marco, limited to hookups at his place. Marco realizes they haven’t been on a real date and wonders if Parker would be ashamed to be seen with him in public. Recognizing his own worth, Marco stands up for himself and tells Parker that he can’t continue if they can’t have something more meaningful.

Parker tries to make amends by arranging for Monet X Change to deliver flowers to Marco as an apology. They continue their casual encounters, and Parker gradually changes his stance on not wanting anything serious. However, a disastrous trip to Provincetown creates hurt feelings for Ben, who believed he had a connection with Marco.

Although Marco and Ben do have a brief encounter during the season, and Marco’s relationship with Parker progresses further than expected, Marco doesn’t end up with either of them. Marco firmly tells Parker that they will never see each other again, but he maintains a friendship with Ben. It seems that if there’s a second season, Marco and Ben’s story is far from over.

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Were you rooting for Marco and Parker to make it work, or were you Team Ben all along? Share your thoughts in the comments, and catch Glamorous exclusively on Netflix!