Why ‘The Batman’ and ‘Superman: Legacy’ Aren’t Telling Origin Stories: It’s All Because of Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder

Neutron stars are extremely dense objects, second only to the most dedicated fans of Zack Snyder and their unwavering devotion.

Snyder’s work is often entertaining and ambitious, showcasing his talent in ideas and direction. However, his writing and execution sometimes undermine the overall impact of his projects.

Currently, DC’s cinematic universe is in excellent hands with James Gunn leading the new DC Universe and Matt Reeves taking charge of the Batman franchise. These talented filmmakers are bringing fresh perspectives to the legendary superhero mythos, raising expectations for the future.

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Unfortunately, some fervent Snyder fans have jumped to conclusions, suggesting that Gunn and Reeves are too intimidated by Snyder’s previous work to attempt their own origin stories for Batman and Superman.

However, the general response on Twitter has been more reasonable, with many recognizing the exaggerated claims of the Snyder cult.

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It’s worth considering that the extreme admiration for Snyder may be more of a running joke among a specific group of fans, rather than a widespread belief. While some people appreciate Snyder’s films, elevating him to an unrealistic pedestal can lead to detached views from reality.

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Ultimately, it is important to separate personal preferences from objective analysis and acknowledge the positive direction that DC’s cinematic universe is currently taking under the guidance of talented filmmakers like James Gunn and Matt Reeves.