Wild and Exciting Film ‘Joy Ride’ Takes Friends on an Adventurous Journey to China

Joy Ride

In the upcoming comedy film “Joy Ride,” actress Stephanie Hsu found the freedom to unleash her outrageous side, confident that it would be a thrilling experience. Director Adele Lim, known for her work on “Crazy Rich Asians,” also appreciated the lack of limitations placed on the raunchy U.S. comedy. The film, set to release in theaters on Friday, offers a wild and exhilarating ride that promises to entertain audiences.

“Joy Ride” tells the exciting story of childhood friends Audrey and Lolo, who join forces with Lolo’s cousin Deadeye and Audrey’s former college roommate Kat for thrilling adventures. Together, they embark on a journey to China in search of Audrey’s birth mother. The film features a diverse main cast, including queer and non-binary actors, who portray multi-faceted characters that break away from racial and gender stereotypes.

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Joining Stephanie Hsu, who received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” are Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris” as Audrey Sullivan, Sherry Cola as Lolo, and Sabrina Wu as Deadeye. With an all-Asian main cast and a story that embraces inclusivity, “Joy Ride” aims to provide representation and entertainment for all audiences.

One of the film’s highlights is the opportunity to challenge assumptions about Asian characters. The cast members emphasize the importance of recognizing the diversity within the Asian community and avoiding generalizations. Stephanie Hsu comments on how people tend to lump all Asians together, and “Joy Ride” seeks to break that stereotype by offering unique perspectives and experiences.

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Beyond its groundbreaking representation for the Asian community, the film also explores gender queerness, adding another layer of significance. Sabrina Wu, who identifies as non-binary, expresses their excitement about the intersection of gender queerness and the Asian narrative in the film. The inclusive representation aims to bring value and importance to a previously underrepresented aspect of identity.

Moreover, the film celebrates the empowerment of women both on and off the screen. With three leading female characters and a non-binary cast member, “Joy Ride” challenges traditional patriarchal norms and embraces a fresh perspective. Sabrina Wu acknowledges the way the film overturns patriarchal expectations, making it an empowering experience for the audience.

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As “Joy Ride” gears up for its release, the cast members and director are proud of the film’s ability to break barriers and provide an entertaining experience for all viewers. With its unapologetic humor, diverse representation, and unique storytelling, “Joy Ride” promises to be a memorable and impactful cinematic journey.