Wisconsin Actor’s Background Inspires Award-Winning Short Film by Hans Obma

Hans Obma

Hans Obma, a TV actor from Wisconsin, recently made waves in the world of filmmaking by writing and starring in his own original film. The film, titled “A Question of Service,” garnered significant attention and was selected as an official entry at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. This achievement led Obma to the American Pavilion at the Cannes Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, where he presented his work.

“A Question of Service” is a 25-minute short film that explores various themes and incorporates elements of Obma’s personal experiences. It won the episodic category at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, an event that qualifies films for consideration at the Oscars. Prior to its international debut, the film also received recognition at the Austin Film Festival.

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In the film, Obma delves into his own lockdown experiences, using the time to learn new languages and experiment with different accents. The story is set in the world of MI-6, also known as the Secret Intelligence Service, and Obma portrays a character deeply rooted in his Wisconsin origins. The film allowed Obma to bring one of his dream roles to life while staying true to his identity as a Wisconsinite.

Reflecting on his aspirations, Obma expressed his interest in playing a Bond villain, a role he has long desired. However, he also mentioned his fascination with portraying a sensitive man from Wisconsin, as it aligns with his own personality and background. The character in “A Question of Service,” who has strong ties to Wisconsin, embodies elements of Obma’s own identity.

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Looking ahead, Obma’s ultimate goal for the film is to secure a distribution deal with a streaming service, enabling a wider audience to experience his work. While the complete film is not yet available to the public due to ongoing festival submissions, an official trailer has been released, offering a tantalizing glimpse into “A Question of Service.”

Hans Obma’s journey from TV actor to filmmaker has taken him from his hometown in Wisconsin to the international stage of the Cannes Film Festival. Through his talent and dedication, he has successfully brought his creative vision to life, showcasing the depth of storytelling and the impact of personal experiences. With “A Question of Service,” Obma has cemented his place in the world of filmmaking and has set his sights on expanding the reach of his work to captivate audiences worldwide.

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