Wrestling Icon Kurt Angle Unsettled by Controversial WWE Storyline

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle, a legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, has been part of numerous captivating storylines throughout his career. However, there was one particular narrative that left him feeling uncomfortable, even though he wasn’t directly involved in it.

In 2023, the renowned Edge and Lita, both esteemed Hall of Famers in their own right, received thunderous ovations from WWE crowds. Their illustrious careers within the company had solidified their status as respected figures.

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But things were quite different back in 2005. The boundaries between art and reality became blurred when it was revealed that Edge and Lita had engaged in an affair while Edge was married. Lita, on the other hand, was in a relationship with Matt Hardy, a fellow WWE superstar.

Hardy made the matter public, leading to his dismissal from WWE and intensifying the visceral animosity toward Edge and Lita. As a consequence, the two were paired together on television, despite their real-life relationship having come to an end.

In a rather awkward twist, they participated in the infamous live sex celebration on an episode of Raw, the night after Edge dethroned John Cena to become the WWE Champion.

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Eventually, Matt Hardy returned to WWE, and the three individuals managed to put their grievances aside, engaging in a series of brutal and hard-hitting matches to settle their differences.

However, not everyone enjoyed this highly publicized airing of personal issues. During an episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic champion expressed his strong disapproval of the entire storyline, considering it in poor taste.

Although Angle understood the company’s rationale for pursuing such a narrative, he couldn’t hide his disdain: “You know what? It was so uncomfortable. I was really close with Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boys. When they executed that storyline, I wouldn’t say I liked it. It just lacked taste. While I understand Matt Hardy was on board with it, I wasn’t. I wouldn’t say I liked it at all. I thought it was simply appalling.”

Meanwhile, in a parallel development, Matt Hardy might find himself flying solo without his brother Jeff for a while in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as the former WWE Champion appears to have been written off television for a few weeks.

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In hindsight, Angle’s candid remarks highlighted the delicate balance that exists in professional wrestling storytelling. It’s important to push boundaries and create engaging narratives, but it’s equally crucial to maintain respect and avoid crossing certain lines that might make people uncomfortable.

The controversy surrounding Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy showcased the challenges faced by performers and the creative team in finding the right balance between entertainment and personal boundaries. It served as a reminder that storytelling in professional wrestling requires careful consideration and respect for all parties involved.