WWE’s Shayna Baszler Believes Fans Support Her in Feud with Ronda Rousey Because She’s Right

Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler, a former friend of Ronda Rousey in the WWE, is no longer holding back in their on-screen feud, and fans are loving every moment of it. During a recent episode of “WWE’s The Bump,” Baszler opened up about why fans have swiftly rallied behind her in this intense rivalry.

According to Baszler, wrestling fans, just like sports fans in general, have a keen ability to sense authenticity. They can tell when someone is being genuine, and that’s precisely the approach Baszler has taken in this feud. She firmly believes that her emotions and actions are real, and that’s what has resonated with the audience.

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In her explanation, Baszler used the analogy of a boxing match, where fans don’t have to decipher who the “good guy” and “bad guy” are. Instead, they naturally gravitate towards the person they like, and in this case, it happens to be Baszler because of her sincerity and the relatable sentiments she has expressed.

The core of the feud revolves around Baszler’s criticism of Rousey’s apparent lack of passion and enthusiasm for professional wrestling. This came to a head when Baszler betrayed Rousey, leading to their tag team losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at Money In The Bank in London, England. Despite the betrayal, fans surprisingly sided with Baszler in this burgeoning feud.

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Behind the scenes, Baszler and Rousey had been eager to engage in a feud for some time. With Rousey’s planned hiatus from WWE, the storyline was fast-tracked, providing the perfect opportunity for the two athletes-turned-superstars to clash in the ring.

Interestingly, Rousey has credited Baszler with introducing her to the world of professional wrestling, making this rivalry a full-circle moment in their friendship and careers.

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Fans have been thoroughly invested in the drama and authenticity of this feud, and it has added a new layer of excitement to the WWE. As Baszler continues to express her genuine emotions and criticisms, it’s clear that the audience appreciates the realness of the conflict, and it has solidified her position as a compelling character in the wrestling world.

With both athletes bringing their real-life experiences and emotions into the ring, the feud between Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey promises to be an explosive and memorable one, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping storyline. As the rivalry unfolds, one thing remains certain – Baszler’s authenticity has captured the hearts of fans, and her unapologetic approach to the feud has struck a chord with wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.