YouTuber Alan Estrada shares his safe experience during the Titan submersible ride

Alan Estrada

YouTuber Alan Estrada recently shared his experience aboard the Titan submersible in an interview with BBC Mundo. Despite the tragic outcome of the recent Titan trip, where passengers were killed in a catastrophic implosion, Estrada stated that he never felt unsafe during his ride on the submarine. He acknowledged being aware of the risks, including the possibility of an implosion.

Estrada, along with other past and prospective clients of OceanGate, understood the extreme risks involved in amateur deep-sea exploration. He compared the risks to those associated with riding a plane and expressed that, while aware of the dangers, he did not feel unsafe during his journey.

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During the interview, Estrada mentioned that he and other Titan passengers carefully read and understood the risks involved in boarding the vessel. He described the experience as personally unremarkable, emphasizing that being inside the capsule was akin to an enclosed space but nothing extraordinary. However, he highlighted the impressive aspect of being in front of the majestic Titanic wreckage, an image he had seen numerous times in documentaries and movies.

Estrada expressed the significance of the expedition to him and the exploration of ocean depths. He emphasized the rarity of witnessing the depths and the shipwreck of the Titanic, making the experience truly remarkable. The opportunity to be in front of an image he had only seen on screen left a lasting impression.

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In early 2021, Estrada signed up for the Titan trip. He conducted research and sought sponsors to help fund his journey, which amounted to $125,000 at the time. However, Estrada’s initial try to view the Titanic in July 2021 didn’t go as planned due to technical glitches, which resulted in him, Stockton Rush (OceanGate founder), and three others having to abort the mission to return to the surface prematurely. Fortunately, Estrada was able to embark on a successful voyage a year later.

The recent tragedy involving the Titan submersible prompted an urgent race to recover the vessel before the Coast Guard and OceanGate confirmed the unfortunate outcome. The passengers who had boarded the final Titan trip with Rush had paid a substantial sum of $250,000 for the experience.

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In conclusion, despite the tragic implosion of the Titan submersible, Alan Estrada shared his experience, expressing that he never felt unsafe during his ride. While understanding the risks involved, he considered the opportunity to witness the Titanic wreckage and explore the ocean depths to be a truly remarkable and significant experience. The recent outcome of the Titan trip has led to recovery efforts by the Coast Guard and OceanGate.