YouTuber Colleen Ballinger criticized for racist content in resurfaced videos, according to critics

Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger, a YouTube personality known for her character Miranda Sings, is receiving criticism for past videos that have resurfaced, showing racist content. One video, titled “Single Ladies,” shows Ballinger wearing dark substance on her face while parodying Beyoncé’s song. This has raised concerns about blackface and the mockery of the Black community.

Critics also accuse Ballinger of inappropriate behavior with fans, including allegations of “grooming” her minor fans for labor and making sexual jokes with minors in a group chat. These allegations have added to the growing list of controversies surrounding the “Haters Back off” actor.

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Recently, Ballinger responded to the allegations with a song, accompanied by a ukulele, dismissing the claims as “toxic gossip.” However, her response was met with outrage from both critics and fans who found it insensitive and dismissive.

Even Joshua David Evans, who was married to Ballinger when she portrayed the Miranda Sings character, supported the critics’ views. He shared his experiences of being gaslit whenever he disagreed with her actions and rhetoric during their relationship.

The “Single Ladies” video may have been a part of Ballinger’s 2010 tour in London, as suggested by fellow YouTuber Paige Christie. Christie referenced Ballinger’s 2018 book, “My Diarrhe,” which contains a QR code leading to the video.

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Aside from the “Single Ladies” video, other resurfaced videos also contain problematic content. One video shows Ballinger in yellowface, dressed in Asian garb and speaking with a vaguely East Asian accent. Another video parodies PSY’s “Gangnam Style” with gibberish and stereotypical Japanese words.

Critics argue that these videos perpetuate harmful stereotypes and mock marginalized communities. They question the intent and punchlines behind these portrayals, highlighting the negative impact of such actions.

Colleen Ballinger’s representative has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the controversy surrounding the resurfaced videos.

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Despite the controversy, Ballinger gained popularity with her Miranda Sings character, using the hate she received online to develop an exaggerated persona of a talentless diva. Her fan base grew through her videos and live performances, leading to the creation of the Netflix series “Haters Back Off!” based on the Miranda character.

However, the resurfacing of these videos has reignited the conversation about Ballinger’s past controversies and the impact of her actions. It underscores the importance of addressing problematic content and promoting understanding and respect for diverse communities.